Foy Vance - Melrose (EP)

Irish singer/songwriter Foy Vance grew up on the tough streets of 80's Belfast and later fronted a variety of funk and blues bands in the 90's. But by the time he finally set about recording his solo album debut in 2007 Vance had downshifted his style to a more stripped acoustic setting while fortunately leaving his charismatic, soulful storytelling intact. Vance is now back with an outstanding new Melrose EP due August 27 across the pond, a five-track collection of new songs that also served as the soundtrack to The Shore, an Oscar-winning film set in Northern Ireland. “I always thought Foy had a great voice but I had my own ideas in how he should be using it," says producer David Holmes, "softer, quieter with less force." Among the new tracks is "Something In the Water", a gorgeous song of killer hooks and spacious harmonies that beats with a warm pulse. "Be The Song" has become something of a TV favorite in the U.S. on House, Private Practice and Vampire Diaries. Lovely. Look for a new full-length release in early 2013. Videos below.


Foy Vance - "Something In the Water"

Foy Vance - "Be The Song"


Photo Credit: Peter Neill