Family of the Year - Loma Vista

L.A.'s Family of the Year really do keep the familial concept an integral part of who the are. Sure, frontman Joe Keefe and drummer Sebastian Keefe are brothers but there's also a communal spirit that flows through the heart of the band's brightly spangled alt-pop. Reminiscent at times of the irony-free campfire choruses of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (with whom FOTY has toured), the band's effervescent songs reflect more hippie high organics than hipster posing urbanities. New single "Stairs" is another glimpse of the Family's forthcoming debut longplayer, a multi-voiced, lyrically stream-of-consciousness anthem that falls somewhere between some bongwater version of Up With People and a U2-backed cast of Hair. (Plus we give them a gold star for the line "on the doorstep, on the door fucking step") For more sunny delights, check out the impossibly hooky title track to last year's "St. Croix" EP -- a song that will also resurface on the band's debut album Loma Vista (release date TBA July 10, Nettwerk). Videos below.

Family of the Year - "Stairs" (from the album Loma Vista)

Family of the Year - "St. Croix" (from the St. Croix EP)