Matthew Perryman Jones - Land of the Living

Matthew Perryman Jones is often the example we use when offering up an example of what has become the "new Nashville": the famed Music City's haven for intelligent and exceptionally talented tunesmiths creatively coloring outside of the commercial country lines. Over the past decade Jones has developed a reputation for quality as well as a devoted fan base, penning and performing fleshed out and finely crafted folk/rock on albums such as 2006's excellent Throwing Punches in the Dark and the 2008 follow up Swallow the Sea. Now, four long years later, Jones returns with Land of the Living (May 29), a fan funded album produced by Cason Cooley (Katie Herzig, Mat Kearney) and recorded in a 1700's-era barn in Round Top, TX. Jones' new songs retain his personal and melodic appeal while expanding even further the rich textures and fully realized, dramatic production of his earlier works: the slow-building, stunning title track sounds like an arena-sized Coldplay anthem with Roy Orbison vocals while the muscular, galloping "Waking Up the Dead" fearlessly marches into grand Springsteen-styled riff rock territory. Sign up at the MPJ site and get the Land of the Living download now.

Matthew Perryman Jones - "I Won't Let You Down Again" (from Land of the Living)

Matthew Perryman Jones - Land of the Living Sampler
(Excerpts: Stone on the Riverbed, O Theo, Waking Up the Dead)

Land of the Living Track Listing:

1 Stones On The Riverbed
2 Poisoning the Well
3 Won't Let You Down Again
4 O Theo
5 Sleeping With a Stranger
6 Waking Up the Dead
7 Keep It On The Inside
8 Midnight Song
9 Angels Were Singing
10 Land of the Living